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Trinity Hall Graduate Research Studentships

Trinity Hall Graduate Research Studentships are highly competitive and are offered in order to attract the world’s best academic talent to postgraduate study. The College offers a number of fully-funded (covering University Composition Fee and Student Maintenance) or partially-funded Studentships. In order to be considered for a Trinity Hall Graduate Research Studentship, you must be applying for a course that is research based (entirely research, predominantly research or equal taught/research). All of our Studentships are thanks to the generosity of our benefactors.

There are also a number of Studentships for a specific purpose, as outlined below:

Atlantic Fund Studentships +-

Established in 2012 and provide full or part funding for graduate research in International Relations or Economic Geography. The studentship is open to qualified graduates of any University and nationality to conduct PhD research or an MPhil in preparation for a PhD. The conditions are otherwise identical to those for the College’s general Research Studentships.

Nightingale Research Studentships +-

Established in memory of former College member Michael Nightingale, who studied at Trinity Hall from 1953. They are open to qualified graduates of any university and nationality to conduct doctoral research at Cambridge in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences or Mental Health, particularly research into the Court of Protection. The conditions are otherwise identical to those for the College’s general Research Studentships.

Dr Geraldine Rodgers Enterprise Studentship +-

Established in recognition of Dr Geraldine Rodgers’s many significant contributions to the life science sector through her roles at the Institute of Biotechnology and as Head of Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds.  The Studentship is open to applicants from any country to the MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise programme and covers £20,000 towards the fees and maintenance. The conditions and application procedure are otherwise identical to those for College general Research Studentships.

Tidmarsh International Scholarship +-

Established in 1986 following a donation by Evan Schulman. It is open to Canadian citizens. There are no subject restrictions. In addition to the conditions listed above, candidates must be Canadian citizens, aged under 26 at the outset and graduates with First Class Honours from a recognised Canadian or US University, and accepted for a Cambridge International Scholarship. This award can form part of a fully studentship in conjunction with a further award offered through the College or the International Scholarship scheme, or a partially funded studentship. The conditions and application procedure are otherwise identical to those for College general Research Studentships.

Rhodes Moorhouse Studentship +-

Supports a Royal Air Force officer from its Engineering Branch to undertake the MPhil for Sustainable Development within the Department of Engineering.  Applications are only open to eligible candidates from RAF who apply through the CAS’ Fellowship application process.  Applications are then forwarded to Cambridge University Engineering Department for review. The studentship recognises Lieutenant William Barnard Rhodes-Moorhouse who was the first airman to receive a Victoria Cross.  He attended Trinity Hall in 1908 and joined the Royal Flying Corps at the outbreak of the First World War.  On 26th April 1916 whilst serving on No 2 Squadron at Merville, France, he was conducting a low-level bombing attack on a railway junction at Kortijk, Belgium, when his BE2 aircraft came under heavy machine gun fire.  Severely wounded by a bullet in his thigh and flying a damaged aircraft, he was again subject to heavy ground fire on crossing the lines, receiving two further wounds.  Nonetheless, he managed to land safely but then insisted on making his combat report before reporting to the Casualty Clearing Station.  He died of his wounds the next day and was posthumously awarded the VC.

Supreme Court of Victoria/Trinity Hall Scholarship +-

Jointly funded by Trinity Hall and Melbourne Law School. Applicants must be current or former Melbourne Law School law students, and be accepted onto the LLM course at Cambridge.


For any Graduate Research Studentships, applicants must:

  • have listed Trinity Hall as one of their preference colleges on their University on-line application via the Applicant Portal;
  • have completed a Trinity Hall Graduate Research Studentship Application, in addition to their University on-line application. Applications for 2018-19 have now closed.
  • notify Charlotte Moss of the outcome of other funding applications made whether successful or not (FAQ 2).

Please note that Trinity Hall Graduate Research Studentships are only tenable at Trinity Hall, and therefore membership of the College must be confirmed and all criteria met before funding is released.

In addition to these conditions, applicants wishing to be considered for an Atlantic Fund Studentship, Nightingale Research Studentship, Dr Geraldine Rodgers Enterprise Studentship, Tidmarsh Studentship, Rhodes-Moorhouse Studentship or Supreme Court of Victoria/Trinity Hall Scholarship must meet the criteria described in the above paragraphs.

In most cases successful applicants will be graduates of an established university or other degree-awarding institution with a first-class honours grade or equivalent. The College is particularly interested in applicants who are highly ranked by the Cambridge University department relevant to their course and applicants are encouraged to notify their proposed department that they are applying for a Trinity Hall Studentship.

Further information is available in the FAQs. If you have any additional queries please contact Charlotte Moss, Graduate Administrator, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, CB2 1TJ.

Notification of Decisions

Applications closed on the 16 March 2018. Applications will be considered by the Committee and applicants notified of the outcome of their application by the end of April 2018 (FAQ 6).

Please notify Charlotte Moss of the outcome of other funding applications made whether successful or not, and, if successful, the amount and duration of the award (FAQ 2).

Other Awards and Grants for Current Students

The College has a fund that is used to contribute towards the costs incurred when current graduate students undertake independent research related activity. This can include expenses related to primary research, or related to presentation of work at a conference.

The normal maximum grant is £450 for a Masters student, £1500 for a PhD student and £600 for a medic or vet elective although it is possible that, depending on the budget in any given year, this amount may be adjusted.

More information, and details of how to apply, can be found on the application form (current students only).


An application form and further particulars can be obtained by emailing Charlotte Moss, Graduate Administrator.


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