Graduate Tutorial Office

The Acting Graduate Tutor, Dr Tamsin O’Connell, and Deputy Graduate Tutor, Dr Ramji Venkataramanan, are Fellows of the College. They are responsible for admissions, funding, accommodation, pastoral care and much else. They are assisted by staff in the Tutorial Office, who are responsible for administrative matters.

Contact Fellows

Every graduate is also assigned a Contact Fellow, a member of the Fellowship or Senior Member in the same general academic area, who has expressed a willingness to get to know a number of graduates in his or her field, entertain them socially, and be available to discuss with them academic issues that may arise in the course of their time in Cambridge. The intention here is to provide an experienced perspective when strategic advice is needed, or practical advice on understanding and responding to the academic demands made on students by Cambridge. Complex personal issues, and any issues needing intervention by the University authorities, are referred to the Graduate Tutor.

Pastoral Support

In addition to the Graduate Tutors, Trinity Hall also has a  Mental Health Advisor, Counsellor, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. The MCR also provide pastoral care: the Welfare Officers are available to talk confidentially about any mental, physical or sexual matters which may be causing distress; the LGBT+ Officers and Women’s Officers provide more specialised support to students.

Trinity Hall also participates in the Cambridge Peer Support programme, organised by the University Counselling Service. Peer Supports are students who are trained to listen to other students’ concerns in a sympathetic and non-judgemental manner, in addition to referring students to other welfare sources in the University.


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