Charles Dickens’ letter to his son available to view online

Excerpt from Charles Dickens' letter to his son

In 1868, Charles Dickens wrote to his son Harry, offering him wise words about his finances and how to conduct himself at Cambridge. The letter is one of our Old Library’s prized items and is part of the Royal Mail’s Letters of our Lives campaign.

“Henry Fielding Charles Dickens (Harry), to give him his full name, came up to Trinity Hall as a fresher in 1868,” said Dominique Ruhlman, Director of Library Services at Trinity Hall. “One of our treasures in the Old Library is a letter from Charles Dickens to his son, full of advice on how to conduct himself at Cambridge. It includes a generous allowance of £250 a year ‘handsome for all your wants’ and the news that he has ordered ‘3 Doz: Sherry, 2 Doz: Port, and 3 Doz: light claret to be sent down to you.. and 6 bottles of Brandy’. Dickens, who was tremendously proud that his son was at Trinity Hall, signs off ‘Ever your affectionate father, Charles Dickens’ ”.