Cambridge Blue and Trinity Hall alumnus celebrates 100th birthday

Bevis Sanford's 100th birthday

Trinity Hall alumnus Bevis Sanford (1936) recently celebrated his 100th birthday making him Cambridge’s oldest Rowing Blue. Bevis is pictured above at his birthday party with current Trinity Hall Boat Club rowers Matthew Gutteridge and Angus Fotherby.

Bevis’ passion for rowing was first sparked while he was at school, and on coming up to Cambridge in 1939 he wasted no time in joining the Trinity Hall Boat Club (THBC). During his time at University he won nearly every small boat event which he was able to enter, including the Bushe Fox Sculls in his first year and the Colquhouns in his second year. He also competed at Henley, twice winning the Visitors. In 1939 he earned his Blue at the 91st Boat Race which Cambridge won by four lengths, with a winning time of 19:03. Bevis was regarded as one of the THBC’s most senior figures for many years.

“He gave his boats vitality in their training, confidence always, and much of his own outstanding racing ability. Of Bevis it was said that he was quite incapable of not racing.”

Trinity Hall Boat Club 1928-49 by J T Swann

“It is agreed that Sanford’s magnificent stroking won the race.”

Cambridge Review

After the war Bevis joined the Colonial Service in East Africa but continued to coach for THBC while on home leave; according to J T Swann, it was said that the Hall boats owed much to Bevis and his willingness to coach. Bevis was also one of the founding members of the THBC Advisory Committee.

“He was for a great many years the single most influential old THBC member. He was also a most generous host, whether at Henley or bringing current officers of the THBC as his guest to Aula Club dinners.”

Richard Walker-Arnott (1957)

It is evident that Bevis played a pivotal role at THBC both as a rower and a coach and is still a legend amongst Trinity Hall Boat Club members today.