Webinar: ‘Extremism: A Systemic Perspective’ by Dr Noemie Bouhana (1998)

Date & timeMonday, 1 February 5:30pm - 6:30pm
CostFree of charge
Booking closing date Monday, 1 February 12:00pm
Event type Webinar

Join us on Monday 1 February 2021 for our third Trinity Hall webinar; we look forward to welcoming Dr Noemie Bouhana, Trinity Hall alumna (1998) and Associate Professor in Security and Crime Science at University College London.

The webinar will take place at 5.30pm (GMT) on Monday 1 February and will last approximately 30 minutes with an opportunity for Q&A at the end. There is no charge to attend however booking is required. The webinar will be hosted using Zoom.


‘Extremism: A Systemic Perspective’ by Dr Noemie Bouhana (1998)


Extremism risk is associated with certain individuals, whose characteristics and circumstances appear to make them more susceptible to radicalisation than others. It’s also associated with certain places, which seem to generate and attract radicalised individuals more than others. To avail ourselves of the full range of possible interventions against extremism, we need, therefore, to understand both the factors that contribute to individual susceptibility to extremism and the ecological and systemic processes that support the emergence of extremism-enabling settingsIn this talk, Dr Noemie Bouhana will present a systemic framework designed to explain how extremism risk emerges from the interaction of individual and environmental processes and to reduce the complexity of what would otherwise look like an intractable social problem. 


Dr Bouhana is Associate Professor in Security and Crime Science at University College London, where she co-leads the Counter-Terrorism Research Group. Her work centres on the processes involved in the emergence of extremist ecologies in complex social systems, the role that these ecologies play in the development of a terrorist propensity, and the implications of this understanding for risk analysis. Recently, she directed the €2.9M PRIME project, an international consortium of six European universities conducting multidisciplinary research in the prevention and mitigation of lone actor radicalisation and attack behaviour. At present, she directs the $1M project “The Social Ecology of Radicalisation”, funded by the Minerva Initiative. Previous work has been supported by the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism, the MoD Counter-Terrorism Science and Technology Centre, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and the US National Institute of Justice, among others.

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