THwomen40 Lecture: ‘Wiki, please explain!’ by Dr Milica Gašić (2006)

Date & timeThursday, 17 May 6:00pm - 7:00pm
LocationTrinity Hall, Graham Storey Room
CostNo charge
Booking closing date Friday, 4 May 12:00pm
Dress code No dress code

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Have you ever wondered if it would be possible for computers to talk? If we could teach them to tell us what they know? Could we hire an ingenious programmer to think of all conceivable questions, come up with clever answers, and type up long lists of these? In this talk, Milica Gašić (TH 2006) will explain how researchers in machine learning approach these questions today. Please join us for the last of the THwomen40 Lecture Series. 


Unlike most of us, computers are awfully good at quickly absorbing huge amounts of information. Unfortunately, they are less good at sharing their knowledge with us. We humans learn best through interactive conversation. And conversations are not something that comes naturally to them.

So, how we do teach computers to talk? How do we get them to tell us what they know? Perhaps, we should hire an ingenious programmer to think of all conceivable questions, come up with clever answers, and type up long lists of these. If we lower our aspirations just a little bit and aim to cater only for, say, “every conceivable question about Cambridge bus times” then such an approach is indeed possible. But your gut feeling probably (correctly) tells you that, in the long run, this is not very promising. There’s no way such a rigid question-answer scheme is ever going to lead to an interactive conversation.

In this talk, Milica Gašić explains how researchers in machine learning approach this challenge today. There’s been fantastic progress in recent years, as some of you may have noticed. But there’s also still a long way to go…


Milica Gašić (TH 2006) is the Head of Dialogue Systems Group, a Lecturer in Spoken Dialogue Systems at the Cambridge University Engineering Department and a Fellow of Murray Edwards College. She holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Belgrade (2006), a MPhil in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology (2007) and a PhD in Engineering (2011) from the University of Cambridge. The topic of her PhD was statistical dialogue modelling and she was awarded an EPSRC PhD plus award for her dissertation. She has published more than 50 journal articles and peer reviewed conference papers and received a number of best paper awards. She is an elected member of IEEE Speech and Language Processing Technical Committee and an appointed board member of Sigdial.


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