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Paleoclimate and ocean nutrients: learning from Earth’s geologic record – Webinar with Dr Emma Kast

Date & timeWednesday, 27 October 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Booking closing date Wednesday, 27 October 12:00pm
Event type Online

This October we look forward to hosting an online webinar where Trinity Hall Research Fellow, Dr Emma Kast will discuss her work on Paleoclimatology.

About the event

Paleoclimatology is the study of Earth’s climate in the past. By examining Earth’s history, we can gain insights into how the Earth system works while providing context for modern climate change. What has Earth’s climate been like in the past and how has it changed? How do we know? We will take a broad look at these fundamental questions with a focus on the Cenozoic era, the last 66 million years of Earth’s history. During the Cenozoic there were periods of dramatic warmth, millions of years of long-term cooling and drying, and the onset of ice ages. These large-scale climate changes likely affect other properties of the Earth system, such as ocean chemistry and biology. In the latter part of this webinar, we will turn to a topic of current research and explore how ocean oxygen and nutrient cycling have changed over the Cenozoic and are unexpectedly disconnected from global climate.

The webinar will start at 5.30pm.


Dr Emma Kast is a Research Fellow at Trinity Hall. Dr Kast received her PhD in Geosciences from Princeton University in 2020 and studies marine biogeochemical cycles and ecology across Earth history.

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