Trinity Hall crest with the words Get TogeTHer in front of it and silhouettes of men and women underneath it.

Get TogeTHer: A Worldwide Drinks Event

Date & timeMonday, 28 November 2022 - Friday, 2 December 2022
LocationWherever you are based
CostThat's up to you
Event type Global Community Event

What is it and when is it happening?

Join us for Get TogeTHer: A Worldwide Drinks Event to celebrate the power of our community while we Give TogeTHer from the 28 November to the 2 December.

We are inviting everyone in the Trinity Hall Community to meet up (in-person or virtually) wherever they are in the world to have a drink together, take a photo (or video) of you all wearing or holding something black and white, and then share your images. All images and video evidence will be added to LinkHall and will be available from 9 December.

You can take part in four easy steps…

1) Select a Venue

Choose a local pub, bar or café wherever you are based in the world. Or meet virtually on Zoom etc.

N.B. For those of you in the Cambridge Area, you’re welcome to join us and other current members of the College Community at the Aula Bar and Crescent Room on Tuesday 29 November, from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

2) Invite your Peers

Contact your friends and contacts from Trinity Hall and arrange to meet between 28 November and 2 December. Perhaps contact your year or regional reps to help encourage others?

3) Take a Photo

Take a photo or video of your group holding or wearing something black or white and clearly identifying where you are in the world.

4) Share Details

Share your images (or videos) in one or more of the following ways: