The DENIAL: A satirical novel of climate change: by Ross Clark (1986)


A campaign to cut carbon emissions to zero is beginning to bite.

Power cuts have become a regular feature of life and standards of living have fallen sharply for all but a small elite of climate influencers, who are excused the strict rules on personal carbon budgeting which apply to everyone else.

When a storm and tidal surge unexpectedly strikes London, retired meteorologist Bryan Geavis is the first to notice, and later refuses to accept the official explanation that climate change has caused the disaster or made the weather more unpredictable. Awkward and stubborn, yet with a rigorous scientific mind, he finds himself sucked into a battle against public and political hysteria.

The Denial is a fast-paced, fascinating story that, while entertaining in its own right, explores ideas of democracy, freedom of speech and the pre-eminence of rational thought. It is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in political and social satire, democracy, modern media and green issues.


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