Genealogical notes of families in Cumbria and Westmorland (4)

(old shelfmark **A.79.4)

Language: English
Origin: England
Date: 20th c.
Material: Paper (factory made)
Physical Description: i paper flyleaf +  240 folios (foliated i – xiii, 1 – 220, xiv – xx) + i paper flyleaf, ca. 250 – 270 x 190 – 205 (ca. 190 – 240 x 150 – 170) mm, up to 50 long lines, mainly unruled
Rubric: N/A
Incipit: (fol. 1r) Salkeld of Whitehall
2o folio: Salkeld of Threapland
Explicit: N/A (family tree)
Contents: Fols. 1r – 220r, Genealogical notes and family trees of families in Cumbria and Westmorland, S – W, mainly taken from parish registers
Script: Documentary cursive (pseudo Gothic bookhand textualis for main headings)
Scribe: John Francis Haswell (1864 – post 1933)
Decoration: None
Provenance: Col. John Francis Haswell (1864 – post 1933) of Penrith; Miss B. Haswell, daughter of Col. Haswell; her gift to George Edward Larman, (1895 – 1961) by 1952 (see note, MS 79.1); his bequest, 1961
Binding: 20th c., (Bayntum Riviere, Bath) half brown leather and brown cloth over paste boards, pink and white endbands
Notes: A number of folios are considerably smaller than the average size given in the physical description. Fols. 36r, 49r, 184r, 185r and 186r are typescript. Larman was a student at Trinity Hall 1914 – 1918. Haswell edited and published a series of parish registers from Cumberland.

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