Turf TLC

Master's Lodge and Fellows' Garden

The new turf in the Fellows’ Garden which was laid in February, continues to grow well as you can see from the picture above, and with temperatures starting to reach double figures, the areas of lawn which we reseeded at Central Site are also beginning to grow. This means the rain showers forecast for the coming week will be most welcome as this should further improve the growth of the new grass.

Up at Wychfield the gardeners have been scarifying the lawns using a mechanical scarifier. The scarifier acts as a mechanical rake, removing unwanted moss and thatch from the turf, which can then be collected either by hand or by using a mower. The scarifier also severs the grass which encourages tillering (horizontal branching of the grass). By removing moss and thatch you increase the amount of air and water reaching the soil and you also decrease the likelihood of diseases occurring in the turf.


Meanwhile, on the sports field, Lee (the Groundsman) has been using a disc seeder to sow grass on the football pitch and the perimeter of the field, where the grass has become thinned out through use.


The disc seeder is towed behind a tractor. The discs cut slits into the surface of the soil. Seed is then dropped down a tube from a hopper on the machine and is deposited in the slits. A roller on the machine then goes over this area, helping to close up the slits. It is a clever process which helps ensure the grass seed has good contact with the soil and it also decreases the chance of seed being eaten by birds.