Spring has sprung!

Muscari at Wychfield

The gardens are now full of a mixture of Spring flowering trees and shrubs, with an understorey of bulbs and herbaceous plants. Strong sweet scents are eminating from shrubs including, Viburnum, Osmanthus and Lonicera.

Narcissus, Crocus, Fritillaria and Wood Anemones are plentiful under the Beech tree on Latham Lawn and the mound behind Wychfield House. Throughout the shadier areas of Wychfield, Symphytum, Brunnera and Pulmonaria cover the ground and are much loved by bees.

Muscari latifolium, which is shown on the left, has the common name Grape Hyacinth. A perennial bulb that grows in the wild in Turkey and produces a raceme of two-toned lilac and dark blue flowers. These flowers can be found near to the Porters Lodge at Wychfield. Also, Muscari aucheri ‘White Magic’ can be found in Front Court at Central Site.