Quarantine and international travel

Those who choose to travel should read the information pertinent to their own country for their trip. The information below relates to how travel back to the UK, based on current information.

Full Government information regarding quarantine when you travel to the UK is available

Further Government advice regarding international travel

Before travelling 

In advance of travelling to Cambridge please confirm the details of your travel and provide a UK mobile number to the College Nurse copied to the Trinity Hall Tutorial Staff. Please also regularly check the relevant UK guidance before travelling. As the UK government has suspended travel corridors you are required to undertake 10 days quarantine on arrival in the UK and travel straight to your accommodation. The 10-day period is counted from the day after you left your country of origin before returning to the UK. You must get in touch with College Nurse prior to your arrival and at the start and end of your quarantine period. Please also inform the College Nurse if you are at increased susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Where can I go into quarantine? 

In Lent Term all students returning from international travel will need to undertake the required quarantine period. You are free to quarantine at the place where you normally live i.e. either a private Cambridge address or within College accommodation. Only use public transport if you have no other option. Read safer travel guidance for passengers. All quarantining students must also contact the College Nurse on the penultimate day of quarantine to confirm that they have remained symptom-free, before leaving their quarantine.

In addition to the UK government guidance on quarantine (self-isolation), there is also College specific guidance which you must adhere to when you return to College accommodation.

What does quarantine mean in the context of shared facilities within College accommodation?

You must not go out to for any reason even for work, study, food, exercise or to buy essentials, other than a life threatening emergency. You cannot visit public areas, whether for the purpose of exercise, open air recreation or otherwise. You should not go shopping.

Please liaise with friends or other members of your household to discuss arrangements for the supply of food and other necessities such as medication prior to your arrival. Please also consider making arrangements for online supermarket deliveries.

If you are unable to secure basic provisions, do not leave your accommodation but instead seek assistance from the Porters. Please contact the Tutorial Office if you wish to receive information on basic meal packs which can be pre-ordered advance of arrival.

If you are returning from a country where there are extra measures in place because of a concern about a new variant e.g. South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, you will be required to quarantine for 10 days in self-contained accommodation. Please contact the Tutorial Office for further guidance.

All other students must quarantine in their normal accommodation, have no contact between household members and must only use the kitchen if absolutely necessary. This means avoiding shared spaces, arranging for other household members to deliver meals to your door, using face coverings, eating in your own room, cleaning all contact surfaces (kitchen, bathroom, toilet) before and after use. If the use of a shared space is unavoidable, it is important that you communicate effectively with other household members to ensure you have sole use of the area and for as short a period of time as possible. A supply of appropriate cleaning materials, gloves and cloths will be provided shortly after your arrival. Don’t allow any items to leave your room during the quarantine period.

Quarantine students can request a special laundry bag which, once the isolation period is over can be taken to the laundry. The clothes can then be washed while still in the special bag. The bag will open whilst washing and the bag can then be disposed of after the wash. The clean clothes can then be put through the dryer as normal.

When you arrive at your accommodation site

Please report to the Porters’ Lodge on arrival but do not enter the building. Wear a face covering and remain outside until the Porter establishes who you are and provides you with a temporary white card for access to your room. The Porter will provide a care bag

(cleaning materials etc) and once you have the card and bag you should go straight to your accommodation. If you are unable to carry the care bag, the Porter will drop it outside your room. The Porter will also place signage on the door letting others know you are in – Quarantine for 10 days following International Travel.

Once your quarantine period is complete, please return the temporary white access card to the Porters’ Lodge and ask for your university card to be reactivated.

Support available

  • Don’t hesitate to contact the Porters’ Lodge for help at any time, but not in person. They are available 24 hours per day on 01223 332500 (Central Site), 01223 339029 (Wychfield), 01223 762824 (WYNG Lodge) and coronavirus@trinhall.cam.ac.uk
  • If you feel unwell you can contact the College Nurse. If there is any worsening of your or a household member’s symptoms, of whatever nature, and any need for medical assistance should be reported to NHS111 (999 in emergency), and the College Nurse (via the Porters Lodge if out of hours).
  • No in-person visitors are permitted within your accommodation and you should avoid speaking in-person with other household members until your quarantine period is complete. However do keep in touch with family and friends by other means. Please visit the pastoral and wellbeing support webpages on the Trinity Hall website or University website.

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