Moving around College

We are all working together to minimise risks to public health in College. The information below shows the ways we can all help. Everyone should obey social distancing rules where possible, maintaining two metres distance from others. Please note and stick to the one way system which has been put in place in the College’s Central Site, wear a face mask when possible and wash your hands at the cleaning stations around our sites. 

One way system on Central Site

Although the courts are spacious, the corridors that link them are narrow. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary close proximity of individuals, a one way system will be in operation through all the open spaces on Central Site. We have created a map of how this will work on Central Site; signage will be in place to guide you. This may appear inconvenient and take a bit more time but we need you to follow it.

At Wychfield and Thompson’s Lane, the wider spaces do not require a one-way system but we ask you to adhere to two metre social distancing.

We will need to have capacity limits in Porters’ Lodges and Cafeteria. Please follow the signage that will be on display and respect the advice given to you. Be respectful of others’ anxieties, even if you can’t see a reason yourself. We will have markers on the floor in various location where queuing is required and require you to adhere to it. Most importantly, if in a queue, be patient.

Face coverings must be worn at all times when moving around all College sites, unless you have an exemption.

Trinity Hall Central Site Map One Way

Porters’ Lodges

Please observe the signage in the Porters’ Lodges and follow the advice given by the Duty Porter.

  • Please maintain social distancing and retain two metres where possible between you and any person near you.
  • All people entering the College will be expected to wear a face covering at all times when moving around the College – these can be removed in your rooms and offices.
  • If you need to speak to the Duty Porter or enter the Porters’ Lodge, wait behind the lines on the floor until you are called forward by the Duty Porter. If you do not need to come into the Lodge, use the metal gate to access the College.
  • If you do need to come in, please queue outside on the footpath if there are more than two people in the Porters’ Lodge.
  • When collecting your mail from your pigeon hole, follow the one way system to reach your respective pigeon hole, this is particularly relevant to students and not so much to Fellows and staff albeit that we would like to promote social distancing at all times.
  • Students please remember to socially distance and no more than three people are allowed in the mail room at any one time. If it is busy please come back at a later time when the mail room may be quieter.
  • Please follow the one way system that is in place around the College. This is to ensure that all Fellows, Staff and Students maintain a social distance and are not walking against the flow of foot traffic.

Please respect the Porters and carry out what is being asked of you by them. This is so everyone can remain safe.

Hand sanitisation stations

Across all sites you will see either wall-mounted or free-standing hand sanitiser stations. These are positioned mainly in entrances to high traffic areas such as the Porters’ Lodge, Cafeteria, Library, Aula Bar but also in other areas too. Please use them, even if you have sanitised at the Lodge, as we would encourage you to do so again if you then, for example, went to the Jerwood Library. Hand sanitiser is not as effective as frequently washing hands with soap and water and we encourage you to do this too. Sanitising gel offers an extra level of protection for you and others.

Face coverings

All students, visitors, staff and Fellows will be required to wear face coverings when travelling around College on all sites unless you have an exemption. Face coverings will also be required to be worn whilst in the Porters’ Lodges, in the Library, in the Aula Bar, in the Dining Hall and throughout Cafeteria. Staff working in offices will be able to remove face coverings once at their desk if they feel comfortable to do so, but any visitor to a space that is not their own will be required to wear a face covering indoors unless advised by the occupant that it is not required. If you are in doubt – wear a face covering until you have confirmed that one isn’t required.

Every student of Trinity Hall has been/will be provided with two free disposable face coverings and a small bottle of hand sanitiser. These will be placed in student rooms ready for the start of term. Staff have been provided with two face coverings and Fellows will be provided with face visors on request.

Face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing or other measures to mitigate Coronavirus, such as being tested when displaying symptoms, self-isolating when unwell or advised to, enhanced cleaning regimes, and regular hand-washing. These primary mitigation measures should always be followed in addition to wearing a face covering when required.

You should carry a face covering with you at all times. Cambridge-wide guidance requires everyone to be ready to wear a face covering in any study or work areas where social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

There is increasing evidence that wearing face coverings can reduce transmission of Coronavirus from an infected person to others. The wearing of face coverings is to be considered a social responsibility for those members of the College who can wear them, with the aim of providing increased reassurance to all members, including those most vulnerable to serious illness.

Exemptions for individuals and exceptions for particular settings are set out below.

The wearing of face coverings is to be considered a social responsibility for members of the collegiate University who can wear them, with the aim of reducing risk and providing increased reassurance to all, including those most vulnerable to serious illness. You can watch a video case-study demonstrating the effectiveness of wearing a face covering.

What are the exemptions?

The requirement to wear face coverings in College buildings and when moving around Trinity Hall’s grounds will not apply to those who have a legitimate reason assessed and confirmed by the College nurse. If you do consider you should be exempt, please email

Exemptions include:

  • not being able to put on, wear, or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
  • if putting on, wearing, or removing a face covering will cause severe distress
  • where interacting with someone who uses lip reading to communicate, or who has social communication impairments

Do I need to provide evidence that I am exempt from wearing a face covering?

You will need to be assessed by the College nurse.

Some people may feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering and the nurse can provide a lanyard for this purpose. This is a personal choice and it is not required.

Do not be offended if you are asked politely to wear a face covering or are questioned why you are not. Individuals do forget and for the safety of everyone, it is better to check.

Are there any exceptions where face coverings are not required?

There are circumstances where face coverings do not need to be worn. However, if you are in doubt – wear a face covering until you have confirmed that one isn’t required.

This includes:

  • When you are in your household
  • During supervisions if social distancing is maintained, you will not be required to wear a face covering unless you are asked to by the academic leading the supervision or by anyone else in the supervision
  • In meetings if social distancing is maintained and the chair of the meeting indicates that face coverings can be removed. If any attendee wishes for face coverings to be worn, then all attendees should comply unless exempt.
  • In offices/rooms where social distancing of two metres is maintained
  • By staff working in settings with protective screens in place or 2 metres apart
  • When eating or drinking provided that social distancing is maintained
  • On the Playing Fields

What should I do if I am concerned that someone is not wearing a face covering?

Signage informing and reminding people of the requirement to wear face coverings will be displayed prominently around the College. It is important to remember that some people will have legitimate reasons why they are not able to wear a face covering.

Reminders will be circulated about the policy, particularly if there are concerns about compliance.

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