Guidance for students living in Trinity Hall accommodation and those using its facilities

This guidance is for all students resident in Trinity Hall accommodation or using College facilities during term time.

Within Trinity Hall, we recognise that College life will, inevitably, be very different from normal while Coronavirus-related restrictions apply. Flexibility, resilience and patience are required and it is vital that all College members show a collective commitment to minimising the risks of infection. Please note that coronavirus-related protocols apply uniformly to all students, staff and Fellows (eg prohibiting external visitors to College unless for teaching purposes).

We expect everyone to abide by these key principles while in Cambridge: 

  • stay alert to minimising the risks of virus transmission in all aspects of your life 
  • consider working from home whenever you can 
  • follow the strict Government restrictions on contact with people outside your household
  • observe social distance when you go out 
  • wash your hands frequently and regularly, and don’t leave home if you, or anyone you live with, has symptoms. 

Throughout the pandemic, we are committed to working with all constituencies in College by undertaking regular and frequent consultations with the JCR, MCR, staff and Fellows to devise policies that seek to preserve as much of a normal student experience as possible, while remaining consistent with public health guidance. Our motivation is simply protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of College members and the local community. We started cautiously, with the hope that certain measure could, in time, be able to be amended or relaxed once we were able to assess how they are working in practice, and ensure that they remain in line with evolving government guidance and local conditions in Cambridgeshire. Given the second lockdown, we are currently aligned with the legal requirements as set by the Government.

Please ensure you read the University’s COVID Community Statement. This is a brief statement of purpose that emphasises everyone’s individual and collective responsibility to minimise risk, and maximise support, for students, staff and visitors. Further public health information and guidance is available on the University’s Stay Safe Cambridge Uni webpages.

The College’s Community Statement, states all students must regularly inform themselves of, and adhere to, all Coronavirus-related updates to protocols, rules and guidelines, including checking their @cam email accounts at least twice a day and by regularly and frequently monitoring the University’s Stay Safe Cambridge Uni webpages and the Trinity Hall Coronavirus webpages for updates, especially when prompted.

It is essential that everyone reads and follows Government Public Health England (PHE) advice on staying alert and safe. The Colleges and University have implemented a range of preventive health and infection control measures to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 as far as possible and to support student health and wellbeing in the coming months.

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