Guests and visitors

Visitors to Trinity Hall must adhere to guidelines that are in line with University-wide protocols. The following instructions are specific to Trinity Hall.

Visitors to College

The College remains closed to non-academic visitors and non-resident members until further notice.

All visitors for academic purposes (eg attending or delivering a supervision) must register their details with the Porters’ Lodge to enable the College to ‘test and trace’ should the need arise. Please also familiarise yourself with the protocol for using seminar and public rooms. Students attending supervisions and in-person meetings should confirm the name of the Fellow, supervisor or other College contact.

Student households

Under the rules of the lockdown laws that came in effect on 6 January, it is illegal for student households, or any other household for that matter, to meet members of other households in an indoor setting. Nor can they meet other households outside. One person can only meet one other individual not in their household in an outdoor setting while obeying social distancing rules.

The rules are slightly different for face-to-face teaching. Please see the Teaching and Learning pages for more.

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