Easter Term 2021

We are delighted to see so many students back in College for Easter Term and wish you all, wherever you are, a productive and enjoyable term.

For those of you sitting exams this term there is information on these pages which we hope will prove useful.

A note on asymptomatic testing

Students with permission to return for Easter term are strongly advised to get tested for COVID-19 before they travel to Cambridge, using either community facilities (where available) or a home lateral flow (rapid) test.  

The University’s Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme will continue during the Easter Term and we would strongly encourage all students living in College to take part. Wherever possible, returning students are strongly encouraged to plan their travel in order to participate in the pooled screening programme on the normal swab day (Tuesdays for Trinity Hall), as soon as possible after their return. Please note that specific testing arrangements apply for international students returning to the UK.

We all want life in College to return to near-normality as quickly and fully possible. Widespread student participation in the asymptomatic testing programme ensures that individual outbreaks are identified early and lockdowns can be restricted to specific households, rather than necessarily imposed across College. We have been able to open up some services across College for the start of term and this forward momentum relies on everyone in the College community working ​together to minimise infection rates.

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