Trinity Hall COVID Community Statement

All members of Trinity Hall have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and of Covid-19 infections within the Collegiate University and local area. This responsibility entails:

  1. adhering to all University and College protocols, rules and guidance on Covid-19, as set out at and at
  2. adhering to all rules regarding self-isolation and household isolation, including those arising on account of symptomatic presentations in households, positive test results through asymptomatic household testing, NHS Test and Trace protocols and self-isolation requirements following international travel
  3. adhering to required behaviours in College, including requirements to wear face coverings when in any communal enclosed space or moving around the College; regular and frequent hand-washing; respecting social distancing requirements; and following new directions in the event of a local lockdown
  4. remaining regularly informed of, and adhering to, all updates to protocols, rules and guidelines, including checking @cam email account sat least twice a day and regularly and frequently monitoring and, especially when prompted.

Every member of College owes the responsibilities outlined above to all students, staff and Fellows at Trinity Hall, to all other members of the Collegiate University, and to the wider local community in and around Cambridge. Given that individuals who are older, or have underlying health conditions, are at greater risk of serious infection from Covid-19, all members of Trinity Hall have a particular responsibility to those individuals (some of whom are students, staff and Fellows in College) to minimise all risks of transmitting infection.

Not fulfilling the responsibilities outlined above puts the health of oneself and of other individuals at risk. Not fulfilling the responsibilities outlined above may also affect the ability of the College and the University to support the educational provision for its students.

Breaches in compliance with the College’s protocols, rules and guidance regarding Covid-19 will initially be interpreted as a result of misunderstanding or an insufficient awareness, rather than arising out of disrespect for other members of the College community. Such instances will usually be addressed by explanation and clarification. Instances of repeated, or an especially egregious failure to adhere to protocols, rules or guidance – especially when the safety of other College members is put at risk – may, however, result in referral to the College’s Code of Discipline for Students as set out at In this regard, students are required to note the following rules, set out in the above Code, which includes stipulations that students and PDRAs must:

Rule 1:

  1. behave considerately towards other members of the College, College staff or visitors;
  2. comply with instructions issued by any person or body authorised to act on behalf of the College, in the proper discharge of their duties;
  3. comply with all health and safety regulations and instructions issued by the College or another associated institution;

Additionally, Rule 2 includes the stipulation that students and PDRAs must not:

  1. endanger the health and safety of anyone within College grounds or in the course of a University or College activity

The effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and of Covid-19 infections is a collective one. It requires all members of Trinity Hall, the University and the wider Cambridge community to support one another in living up to their collective responsibilities in order to achieve the common goal of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus and of Covid-19 infections.

September 2020

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