There will be no cafeteria or coffee shop during Lent Term 2021, following the lockdown announcement of 6 January.

Please familiarise yourself with the procedures in place in the Cafeteria and Coffee Shop for food and drink collection during term time. 

See the menus, opening times and more on the intranet (Raven log in required)


Cafeteria will be open for lunch and dinner. To access the cafeteria, members will need to queue through the Dining Hall, entering from the High Table end. The hand-sanitising point should be used before entering the Dining Hall. Social distancing markers will be on the floor indicating where people should stand as they move through the queue before entering the cafeteria. A member of staff will be at the doors to indicate when they can move through to the servery.

  • A blackboard in the Dining Hall will list the desserts and side dishes being served that day so that you can make your choice more easily when you enter the servery.
  • Four people will be allowed into the cafeteria at any one time, with clearly designated areas to stand.
  • An online ‘click and collect’ service will be operating via the Meal Booking System for members to choose their time slot and their main course meal, with menus available on the intranet. Bookings will need to be made at least two days in advance to allow the kitchens to order and prep now that deliveries are made on limited weekdays only.
  • A more limited menu will be offered that will aim to cater for all diets. Three hot main dishes will be offered alongside hot side dishes and Jacket potatoes. Pre-packed salads, fruit pots and desserts will be available in the fridges and soup will now only be available from the Aula bar.
  • All food will be packed in take-away containers and condiments will be in single use packets along with single use cutlery.
  • The till area will have a perspex screen around it to protect the member of staff. You will need your University Card to pay for your meal and any extras that you choose. No cash will be accepted.
  • On exiting you will need to turn right to leave via the screen doors to Latham Lawn to comply with the one-way system.
  • To allow for as many members as possible to go through cafeteria there will be extended opening times.

How to use the cafeteria

  1. Book a time slot online for entry and your main dish
  2. Arrive at your allotted collection slot
  3. Follow the one-way system to W stairs, upon entering turn left at the end of the corridor and then left into the Dining Hall
  4. Please wear a mask at all times, unless there is a specific reason that you do not need to, and if so please forgive any staff member who might ask you to put one on
  5. Sanitise your hands as you enter the Dining Hall
  6. Follow the one-way system through the tables, again X marks the spot to show you where to stand
  7. We will list the daily main courses, side dishes, salads and desserts on signs in the Hall so you have a good idea of what’s on offer (everything subject to availability of course) and any allergens they might contain
  8. When you reach the front of the queue a member of the buttery will let you know when it is safe to move into the servery
  9. You can check the allergens of the main course dishes on the list in the glass fronted notice board as you enter
  10. Once in the servery
  11. Firstly there are two waiting points, with the second giving you another opportunity to sanitise your hands
  12. Next you get to choose any salads, desserts, yogurts, drinks etc
  13. Your main dish will be placed in a takeaway box and passed to the next member of staff from whom you can order any side dishes
  14. Your takeaway box will be passed to you on a tray, with the lid open so that we can see what you’ve ordered
  15. Next you will move to the till point, please have your university card ready to put on the card reader
  16. Should you need any cutlery or a bag please inform the team member at the till
  17. Time to head back to your office/room/staff room to enjoy your delicious lunch by turning right out of the cafeteria and through the screen doors towards Latham Lawn and follow the one-way system
  18. Please dispose of your takeaway containers in the general waste bins in your kitchens and gyp rooms, preferably rinsed and crushed where possible. They should not go into recycling.

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop will be entered by the fire doors to the Crescent Room where there will be a hand sanitising station. Tables and floor markings will indicate the direction to queue in with appropriate social distancing markers in place.

Orders should be made to the left-hand side of the bar facing the Crescent Room, members move to the middle point to pay using their University Card, again no cash will be accepted, and around to the right-hand side of the bar to collect their items. A perspex screen will be in front of the bar on both sides apart from the collection point. Should a member need to wait for a sandwich to be toasted then they will be asked to take a designated seat. Please note that a sandwich will only be heated at the point of sale.

The exit will be via the stairs to North Court where the one-way system should be followed.

Sandwiches, snacks, hot drinks, soup, cakes, sweets and cold drinks will be available as normal, though all ordered from behind the bar.

An enhanced breakfast offering will be available from the coffee shop.


With social distancing requirements and the intimate nature of the College we are unable to provide seating and so a take-away system for all items from the cafeteria and coffee shop will be in place.

Formal dining

With cafeteria running for longer it will not be possible to run formal dinners too.

Water machine and coffee machine in the Servery

The cafeteria water machine will continue to be out of use and hot drinks will no longer be available in the servery. Bottled water will be available to purchase from the cafeteria and coffee shop though we encourage you to fill and use your own water bottle.

Sustainability and the environment

All food and drink that is not pre-packaged by manufacturers will be placed in take-away containers. Wherever possible we aim to work within the guidelines set in our sustainability policy, however, this may not always be possible due to availability of products from our suppliers. This does mean that single use plastic items will have to be used on occasions.

We advise you to bring your own cutlery to College that is your responsibility to wash. This will greatly reduce the need to use single use items and reducing your environmental impact.

The ‘click and collect’ system will allow us to order ingredients more accurately and so avoid unnecessary food waste. This is particularly relevant with reduced deliveries from our suppliers.

There will be additional waste from your food containers so please ensure that you dispose of them sensibly in the bins provided in your kitchens to avoid an increase in vermin and unpleasant smells in your rooms.

Changes to catering team operations

The catering team will be operating in two fixed teams for infection control purposes. Each team will be working three days on and three days off and up to 12 hours per day. Measures such as staggered start times will be put in place to ensure that only one person is using the changing rooms at any given time.

Uniforms will be changed daily and you will see that the Front of House and Coffee Shop teams will both be wearing polo shirts rather than waistcoats and ties or their own clothes.

The teams will be wearing face visors so that you can see their faces, though they will have the option to wear a face mask additionally.

Additional cleaning measures have been put in place, both back of house and front of house with the Dining Hall, Coffee Shop and Servery being sanitised at the start and end of every shift.

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