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Canon Morris is Master of Trinity Hall.  After studying for his first degree in Modern History at Balliol College, Oxford, and for his doctorate, he worked in management consultancy and university management before reading Theology at Clare College, Cambridge, and training for the Anglican ordained ministry at Westcott House. He was curate at St Mary’s, Battersea, before returning to Cambridge in 1996 as Director of Studies and then Vice-Principal of Westcott House. He was Dean of Trinity Hall from 2001 to 2010, and then of King’s College, Cambridge from 2010 to 2014.  He is a Senior Associate of the Cambridge Theological Federation, an Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

His academic interests include modern European church history, Anglican theology and ecclesiology (especially High Anglicanism), the ecumenical movement, and arguments about religion and secularization.  He is interested in supervising graduate students in these fields, and in the area of modern religious history in general.  His current research projects include a study of the eucharist in Western Europe since 1800, to be published by Oxford University Press, and a one-volume history of the Church of England.  He is one of the editors of a projected multi-volume history of Anglicanism, also to be published by Oxford University Press.

Church Commitments

His Church commitments include the Steering Committee of the Porvoo Study Network, and the Malines Conversations Group.  He is Director of the Archbishop’s Examination in Theology (the ‘Lambeth awards’). He was editor of Third Millennium, the journal of Affirming Catholicism, from 1996 to 2005.

Research supervision

Past PhD supervision has included the following subjects:

  • The growth of the diocese of London between the wars
  • The theology of Oliver Chase Quick
  • Bishop Selwyn, episcopacy and the Anglican Communion
  • The theology of work
  • Cambridge theology and Essays Catholic and Critical
  • Thomas Hardy, Hans Urs von Balthasar and the theology of tragedy
  • Pneumatology and Institutionalism in the Church
  • The ecclesiology of the Mission-ShapedChurch report
  • Church and community use in East London in the late C20th
  • The ecumenical commitment of Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Ecclesiology, kenosis and recognition
  • Bishops in the reign of George II
  • High Churchmen, sacrifice and the First World War
  • Unity and the ecclesiology of William Temple

Current PhD research includes:

  • The ‘beautiful soul’, sanctification and the theology of aesthetics
  • The exiled French clergy in England, 1900-14

Selected publications

Single-authored books:

The High Church Revival in the Church of England: Arguments and Identities (Brill, 2016)

The Church in the Modern Age (I.B. Tauris, 2007, also published as Das Christentum

im 20. Jahrhundert.  Kirche zwischen Politik und Gesellschaft, Kreuz Verlag,2008)

F.D. Maurice and the Crisis of Christian Authority (Oxford University Press, 2005)

Renewed by the Word: The Bible and Christian Revival since the Reformation (John Hunt/Hendrickson, 2005)

Catholicism and Folk Religion (DLT, 1995)

Religion and Urban Change.  Croydon 1840-1914 (Boydell and Brewer, 1992)

Edited books:

The Oxford History of Anglicanism. Vol. 4: Global Western Anglicanism, c.1914-present (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

An Acceptable Sacrifice? Homosexuality and the Church (edited, with D. Dormor (SPCK, 2007)

To Build Christ’s Kingdom: an F.D. Maurice Reader (SCM/Canterbury Press, 2007)

The Unity We Have and the Unity We Seek: Ecumenical Prospects for the Third

Millennium (edited, with N. Sagovsky) (Continuum, 2003)


‘Liberalism: Protestant and Catholic’, in S.J. Brown & P.B. Nockles (eds.), TheOxford Handbook of the Oxford Movement (forthcoming)

‘Changing models of episcopacy, 1800 to the present’, published on Church of England website, 2015, with a shorter version in L. Alexander & M. Higton (eds.), Faithful Improvisation. Theological Reflections on Church Leadership (2016)

‘Enemy within? The appeal of the discipline of sociology to religious professionals in postwar Britain’, in Journal of Religion in Europe (2016)

‘British High Churchmen, continental church tourism and the Roman connection in the nineteenth century’, in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History (2015)

‘Porvoo: the longue durée – an Anglican background’, in J. Rusama (ed.), Together in Mission and Ministry (Nordic Ecumenical Study Series, 2013)

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