Professor Monojit Chatterji


Professor Mono Chatterji



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Fellow-Commoner and Director of Studies in Economics


Professor Chatterji started his academic career at Cambridge. He has held academic appointments at several British, US, Indian, and Australian Universities. He has acted as an External Examiner in leading Universities around the world. He has also held many public appointments on quangos which advise governments in the UK on public policy pertaining to labour markets.

Prof Chatterji’s research interests are focussed mainly on unemployment, growth economics, trade unions and inflation. His teaching interests are much broader, encompassing micro economics, quantitative methods and development economics as well as macro and labour economics. In 2001 he won the prestigious Economics Network Prize for the best undergraduate course in UK Economics for his first year course “Global Economic Perspectives”. He regularly gives talks on teaching techniques to newly appointed Lecturers.

As Director of Studies Prof Chatterji is responsible for choosing the best supervisors to work with you depending on the papers that you choose.

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