Will one be forgotten? Internet Freedom and Data Protection After Google Spain by Dr David Erdos

This video discusses C-131/12 Google Spain; Google v Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD), Mario Costeja González (2014), the Court of Justice of the European Union’s long awaited “right to be forgotten” case.

The case brought into stark relief the chasm between the restrictive understanding of appropriate personal information flow under European data protection and highly libertarian understandings which are mainstream on the internet.  Many legal issues arising from the judgment require clarification and resolution.  However, in terms of real implementation, what is likely to matter more is how powerful the ideal of data protection enunciated in this case is when placed against the vast cultural, political and economic power of “internet freedom”. Whatever results from this, interesting times are ahead for the future development of this legal framework, with profound implications for the future of privacy, information protection and freedom of expression.

Dr David Erdos is a Staff Fellow and Director of Studies in Law (Part IB), Graduate Mentor and University Lecturer in Law.