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Professor Egon Matijevic: 1922-2016 (1956, Chemistry)

Egon Matijevic passed away peacefully at the age of 94 on July 20, 2016, surrounded by family. He and his late wife Bozica were the center of a vibrant community in Potsdam, New York; his numerous close friends and students both locally and internationally are a testament to his kindness and character.
His scientific accomplishments are world-renowned --- he has more than 500 papers to his name and was known as "Mr. Colloids" --- yet are nearly matched by his love of art, fine wine, and mountains. "Chaki" was an always-loving father and unparalleled babysitter to his grandson. Through his last moments, Egon strove to both be true to himself, and do right by those around him. He never abandoned his smile, sense of humor, and heartwarming winks. Every life around him was brighter for his presence.

He was predeceased by his wife Bozica and his sister Mira. In Croatia, he is survived by his nieces Zdravka and Zvonka, his nephews Zlatko, Ivan, and Mislav, and their families. In the United States, he is survived by Bernadette, his son Goran, daughter-in-law Jessica, and grandson Tarn (his Buco). Egon was a man full of life, wisdom, and humor, and we will carry his lessons and love with us.

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