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Rural Medicine in Gimbie Town (Ethiopia)

Working with the Gimbie Adventist Hospital in West Wollega.

Hazel Gilkes (2004, Medicine)

How do you summarise a unique 7 week experience of a lifetime? With difficulty! This experience was an elective to Gimbie Adventist Hospital (GAH) in West Wollega, Ethiopia. The following report hopefully summarises some of my experiences and the knowledge I have gained.

Where it all began

I was undecided upon a specialty so decided a mixed elective would be nest. I did not want to spend 7 weeks rotating through different specialties in a western hospital – I do that the rest of the time. I wanted to do something different. Having previously visited Ghana in West Africa and experienced some of their healthcare, the opportunity to visit somewhere in East Africa was very appealing. Hearing a student talk about her time at GAH the year before and a bit more research led me to think that an elective in the back of beyond (Gimbie is 8-10 hours drive from Addis Ababa on partially surfaced roads) would fulfill my objectives...

The Organising

Organising my elective was very simple. I initially emailed the hospital administrator, Mr Paul Howe, outlining my aims and objectives and approximate dates for my elective with a copy of my CV to enquire whether the hospital thought an elective with them would be appropriate… Read more

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