THwomen40: Profiles

How do you look back on your time at Trinity Hall?

I loved my time at Trinity Hall. I felt it was the perfect College – one of the most beautiful, just the right size, ideally located and with all the best people. As undergraduates we were sometimes accused of being insular but with such a close knit community we didn’t really feel the need to spend much time elsewhere. My memories are that I divided my time between the University netball courts, the tennis courts and the College bar; but I guess I also spent some time in the library too.

How did your time at Trinity Hall impact on your career?

I continued with law and became an Articled Clerk at Freshfields where I met my husband, so it certainly had a big impact on my future life! After leaving Freshfields I did a PGCE and taught in a primary school for a number of years before having our five children. I now have a small gardening business which has been up and running for about twelve years now. Perhaps I was inspired deep down by the beautiful gardens and borders all around the College!

Do you have any advice for other women looking to work in your field?

I can certainly say that my present career is my most fulfilling and enjoyable. I would strongly advise anyone to follow their passion and not necessarily to do what they think is expected of them by others.




I can still remember the moment 40 years ago when my dad got a newsletter from Trinity Hall announcing that women were going to be admitted and he joked that I could be going to his old College…


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