Saskia Pain

It was Trinity Hall’s intimacy, friendliness and inclusivity that first attracted Saskia Pain. She matriculated in 2013 to read politics and international relations and was the women’s officer for the CUSU disability campaign, as well as the College’s JCR Special Considerations Officer, having won adjusted hours to accommodate her own disabilities.

She has always been interested in politics, especially “in why things are the way they are and, if they are unjust, how to change them.” To this end, she joined the FemFo Committee, a forum where feminism, gender and intersecting inequalities are the main issues. She has always believed women should be treated as the equals of men when they demonstrate the same skills and she sees no reason for feminism to intimidate or alienate men.

She remains passionate about Trinity Hall being open and accessible for everyone and finds female undergraduates, in particular, really inspiring. Though women, she thinks, still have to fight hard to make it to the top, the increasing number and profile of successful women should be an inspiration to succeeding generations.

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