Rachel Begbie

Rachel has been immersed in university environments her whole life. The daughter of an academic chemist and former Vice-Chancellor of Durham University, and wife of an academic theologian, Rachel spent her formative years in university towns and most of her married life in Cambridge.

Having raised four children, all of whom graduated in a variety of fields, Rachel then sought a new challenge. She started work as a porter at Trinity Hall in 2010, a job that exploits her keen interest in people and her notable organisational skills. Rachel has had much experience of dealing with porters, first as a college resident, and then as parent of undergraduates, so was aware of the difference a porter could make to students, staff, parents and visitors. The unpredictable variety of the job appeals to her, as does being at the front-line of College life: “It’s an extraordinarily privileged job because a porter is the first person people meet when they enter the College, and those first impressions are the ones that count.”

A music graduate, Rachel’s interests include playing the violin and gardening.

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