Elaine Fox-Teece

Elaine is Trinity Hall’s Central Site Housekeeper and Cambridge born and bred. Born in Mill Road, she grew up in Arbury and two of her sons worked on the fruit and veg stalls in Market Square. You don’t get more Cambridge than that!

Elaine came to Trinity Hall 15 years ago as a bed maker and is a very enthusiastic part of College life: “Who wouldn’t love being here? The surroundings are beautiful, the people are fantastic… they are like a big family. It really doesn’t feel like work.” Her energy and positive attitude are infectious, the result, she says, of being among the students: “Working around young people who are just starting off in life keeps me young.”

Elaine relishes the prospect of staying in the College until retirement and hopes to continue to welcome new colleagues to the experience she has so enjoyed. She believes Trinity Hall has an access policy that is open and inclusive and encourages hard work – she is living proof!

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