The ethnic diversity officer with a passion for studying how to predict the risk of diabetes and heart diseases

Anwesha Lahiri is a postgraduate student at Trinity Hall and is the ethnic diversity officer for the postgraduate student representative body, the MCR (Middle Common Room).

Here she tells us about herself and what motivated her to study disease distribution and treatment, particularly in relation to diabetes and heart disease in countries where populations are experiencing rapid changes in diet.

My research will focus on investigating pathways of disease progression in case of populations from different ethnicities and inform strategies for disease prevention through behavioural, dietary and lifestyle changes.

At Cambridge, I have worked with the Nutritional Epidemiology group at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, examining the association between diet quality, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Most recently, I have systematically reviewed the prevalence of ischemic heart diseases in low- and middle-income countries undergoing nutrition transition.

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