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MS. 43.1 Miscellany on Admiralty and Maritime Law

(old shelfmark **A.43.1) 

Language:English and Latin
Date:17th / 18th c., ca. 1693 – 1710 (see provenance and notes)
Material:Paper. Watermark: crowned IHS with inscription below ([. . . .] ALD)
Physical Description:125 folios, 290 x 195 (ca. 275 – 285 x 162 – ca. 180) mm, 31 -36 long lines, ruled in hard point (inner margin only, not consistently)
Incipit:According to the opinion of some comon lawyers
2o folio:Ut inde fuit
Contents:Fols. 1r – 40r, Notes, precedents and procedure relating to the Court of Admiralty and Admiralty law; fols. 41r – 41v, List of Acts of Parliament relating to maritime and Admiralty law (15 Richard II – 1 & 2 Philip and Mary); fols. 43r – 47v, Capitula and notes of Civil Law relating to Maritime and Naval Law; fols. 48v – 119r, 47 Observations Ad leges maritime de Oleron; fol. 121v, List of sheet marks (relating to types of ship / cargo) used in Admiralty records; fols. 123v – 124v, Copies of Admiralty letters
Script:Mixed cursive, with Secretary features
Provenance:Signature of Nathaniel Lloyd, (1669 – 1741) Master of Trinity Hall 1710 – 1735, while at All Souls’ College, Oxford, 1693 (N. Lloyd Coll. Omn. Anim. Oxon. Socius 1693, inside upper cover); presumed to be his gift
Binding:17th c., limp, vellum, remains of two ties, ‘Num. 1 Admiralty’ in ink on upper cover
Notes:MS in several hands, some clearly early 18th c.; NB also that some cases cited date from first decade of 18th cent. Fols. 123v – 124v written upside down. No explicit given as MS a miscellany and final leaf upside down.

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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