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Charges and copying

Copies of archival material can be provided at the discretion of the Archivist but it is worth noting that due to the fragility of some items it is not possible to make copies of everything held by the College archives. All items held by the College archives are also subject to copyright law. Please see below for the scale of charges.

Scale of charges

Digital images of documents

Provided the material is stable enough to be copied, we can provide digital images of items, normally supplied via email. For scans, there is a £7 administration fee in addition to £1 per each scanned image. The scan resolution is set at 300 dpi. For larger or complex items that need to be photographed, there is a £14 charge (including VAT).

Self-service photography

Visitors and researchers to the College archives are welcome to use their own cameras to take photographs of archival items, but a charge of £5 a day will be made for this. 

Reproduction of images in research papers and publications

Images of items in the archive may be reproduced in research papers or publications but only with the express permission of the Archivist. A publication charge may also be levied depending on what sort of work the image will be reproduced in so please contact the Archivist for details.

Archive research

The Archivist is happy to respond to simple enquiries that take no longer than 30 minutes to answer. However, if a researcher is unable to visit the Archive to conduct their own research, we do offer a research service, which costs £30 per hour.

Please remember that all funds raised from research charges and the copying of archival documents go towards paying for conservation of records held in the College archive. 

Contact the Archives:

The College Archives
e: archivist@trinhall.cam.ac.uk

Fellow Archivist & Librarian

Dr William O'Reilly
t: +44 1223 765956


Alexandra Browne
t: +44 1223 764103

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