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WYNG Gardens' architectural installation

5 April 2017

The front gardens at WYNG Gardens present themselves to the ‘street scene’ and provide a horticultural fringe between the pavement and the building. The area is planted with ground cover roses, evergreen shrubs and herbaceous plants to provide interest throughout the year. Near to the main entrance is Trellis, a large-scale architectural installation by artist Cath Campbell commissioned by Trinity Hall, which will support Rosa ‘Pompom de Paris’, a climbing rose with small leaves and pink flowers.

Rosa 'Pompon de Paris'
Rosa 'Pompom de Paris'

Trellis begins as a functional structure to the ground floor, then twists, turns and knots around itself to create an intricate and baroque ribbon-like form that reaches up all four floors of WYNG. Steam bent oak forms a series of tight rolls, creating a layering of curved forms against the geometric latticework of the trellis.

WYNG Gardens' Trellis installation
WYNG Gardens' Trellis installation

The planting near to the main entrance also includes Agapanthus and Hebes, which further reinforce the horticultural elements of the design.

The artwork is with thanks to Adam Smith.

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