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Front Court


Rose and Clematis When entering the College from the busy city centre through the Porters' Lodge, Front Court is the first garden area you come to. This peaceful courtyard is formal in layout, with four lawns and narrow beds surrounding the court on all sides, brimming with roses, lavenders, irises, herbs, fuchsias, geraniums, francoas and agapanthus along with tender plants during the summer months. Each face of the courtyard has very different growing conditions; there is the sometimes cold and shady north and east-facing walls, which are in contrast to the often hot and dry south and west-facing walls.

The climbers and wall shrubs which adorn much of the walls in Front Court are carefully pruned and trained to provide the narrow planting areas with height, texture, colour and flower, which further enhances the warm feel of the Court.


Head Gardener

Sam Hartley
t: +44 1223 761619
e: sh856@trinhall.cam.ac.uk

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The promise of spring

The promise of spring

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