Let our students tell you more about Trinity Hall

Alternative Prospectus cover (2018)

With the undergraduate applications deadline approaching, the Trinity Hall community is very keen to help applicants learn lots about student life at Trinity Hall. Recently, Trinity Hall undergraduate students have worked especially hard to produce a new ‘Alternative Prospectus’ to accompany the College’s official prospectus; the Alternative Prospectus is written, designed and edited by students to provide their perspective on each aspect of life at Trinity Hall.

Trinity Hall JCR Access Officer Grace Bassett, who played a key part in putting the Alternative Prospectus together, says:

“Through revamping the alternative prospectus, we hope to offer prospective students an honest insight into what it is like to study and live at Trinity Hall. Although Cambridge is primarily a place for academic endeavours, it is also a place where you can find like-minded people, and Trinity Hall’s welcoming and close-knit community of students is an amazing place for this. Hopefully, the alternative prospectus will show you that with Trinity Hall’s array of societies, sporting teams, and accommodation sites, it is the perfect backdrop for your Cambridge experience.”

Creating the new Alternative Prospectus was very much a team effort. Many thanks to all the students who contributed.

Read the Alternative Prospectus and College Prospectus