In the Long Room at Lord’s

Guests at the THA event in the Long Room at Lord's

Nothing prepares you for walking into the Long Room at Lord’s Cricket Ground for the first time. And what initially impresses is not the room itself with its grand portraits, but that lawn (sorry, pitch), the most beautiful expanse of perfect green. At the THA drinks recption on 25 June, after the initial convivial hubbub, of friends greeting friends and soon-to-be friends that is such a hallmark of THA gatherings, Bob Ely (1950) spoke about his time as a member of Lord’s and introduced Lee Davidson (1993) who treated us to the inside scoop, from her time as Head Steward there. It was fascinating to learn that, despite the passions roused by needle matches such as the Ashes, the Varsity Match or Middlesex v Surrey, none generated as much heat and fervour as the Harrow v Eton fixture! As the crowd gradually dwindled past the appointed hour, we left with renewed respect for the patiently smiling stewards, knowing that they had probably had a very long day.

By Anne Wolff (1979), THA Committee Member