Telephone Campaign – We’re halfway there

Telephone Campaign 2017 room

By Genevieve, 2017 caller

Halfway through the Campaign definitely marks a milestone as we sit down for the evening session, determined to keep up the motivation and willpower that we all began with! Things have certainly changed though. To begin with we have been moved around the calling room several times, trying different places, sitting with different people, hearing different conversations and not to mention talking to around a hundred different people on the other end of the phone – and a lot of answer machines in between!

Today I had my fair share of answer machines as call-backs starting coming through, but, nevertheless, I ploughed on, determined to continue and find one person who would answer my call! I did – resulting in several interesting conversations that evening, and many generous donations too!

The conversations that we have range distinctively – from topic and experience as individuals tell of their diverse careers and many memories of life as an undergraduate and life at Trinity Hall especially! So far I have really enjoyed talking to such a wide-range of people, all sharing their different life-stories and interesting experiences and opinions with me! From lawyers to consultants, from engineers to judges, from mining experts to MasterChef winners – it really has been a rollercoaster already! The jobs that Trinity Hall alumni have achieved astound and inspire me as many offer me advice for my own career, giving me ideas for insightful routes to pursue and helpful places to research more information and consider other opportunities.

Furthermore I have loved hearing about each individual’s life as a student at Trinity Hall – be it undergraduate, postgraduate, or both! College has definitely changed over time as older alumni tell me of a time when it was solely male, or when bedders made their beds for them each morning! I hear hilarious tales of breaking into May Balls, of pranks played on friends, and on sneaky attempts to smuggle guests into College – it all sounds like fun and reassures me of one thing, that life here at Trinity Hall has always been an adventure, has always been filled with diverse experiences as well as fantastic achievements, and continues to be a fun and fulfilling place to spend one’s student years!