Trinity Hall, Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything; Where the Story Began…

Exterior view of the Old Library

Eagle eyes amongst you may have noticed the archive photographs at the end of The Theory of Everything showing Stephen and Jane’s wedding photograph in front of the Old Library at Trinity Hall following their marriage in Trinity’s Hall Chapel in 1965.

Stephen Hawking, who undertook his postgraduate studies at Trinity Hall, not Trinity College as some sources have reported, met Jane Wilde whilst studying in Cambridge and married her in Trinity Hall; the place where their marriage began!

The Revd Canon Paul Lucas (TH Fellow 1963-1969), who officiated at the wedding ceremony, sent us a wonderful quote… “I married Stephen and Jane Hawking in Trinity Hall Chapel, so viewed the film with interest. The Chaplain was short, fat and bald. I have never been short, never been fat, and in those days wasn’t bald.”

A stunning portrayal and incredible resemblance of Stephen Hawking by Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne; The Revd Canon Paul Lucas may like to have chosen Eddie for himself!