The following statement has been agreed following extensive discussion and legal advice:

i. Dr Hutchinson’s name was mistakenly removed from the online list of Emeritus Fellows in 2017 but has now been reinstated.

ii. The removal followed a statement communicated internally in December 2017 and also released to the press, that Dr Hutchinson was permanently withdrawing from College life. This statement had not been agreed with Dr Hutchinson and was incorrect.

iii. In 2015, following a complaint made by some of his undergraduate students, Dr Hutchinson agreed with the College that he would not attend undergraduate social events and voluntarily retired both from teaching undergraduates, and from his supernumerary fellowship.

iv. Dr Hutchinson automatically became an Emeritus Fellow upon his retirement.

v. Confusion arose in 2017 following Dr Hutchinson’s attendance at a College lecture to which he had been invited. The College and Dr Hutchinson have now formalised and clarified the events which Dr Hutchinson may choose to attend, to avoid further confusion.

vi. In line with the rights and privileges afforded to Emeritus Fellows of the College, Dr Hutchinson will continue to attend certain College events and to exercise his dining rights, but will not attend events primarily aimed at students or alumni except by agreement with the College.

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