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Why support us?

Fundraising is not new to the College or to the University. Trinity Hall is heavily dependent on donations and income from our investments in order to cover the costs associated with fulfilling our core mission of educating our students.

The College subsidies the costs of educating each undergraduate by around £5,000 per year, and each graduate by £3,000 per year. This means that each year we run an educational deficit of £2 million to £2.5 million. The unique supervision system that we offer as part of collegiate Cambridge costs around 25% more than other UK Universities. In order to continue to offer this excellent level of education and pastoral care we need to seek support from our alumni and friends.

As well as covering the costs of the educational deficit, we must ensure that we have sufficient funds to ensure that no student is prevented from attending because of their financial background.  Students today face higher tuition fees and the prospect of graduating with considerable debt. Philanthropic support enables us to offer graduate studentships and hardship grants to students facing financial difficulty. We also need to ensure that we attract the best academics and that we continue to improve our resources. 

It is only through education and research that the many issues that society faces will be resolved.

The "Milestones to the Future" Campaign was launched in June 2006, with the aim of bolstering our endowment and refurbishing the College's historic buildings. There is still much more we need to achieve and with your support we will be able to make a difference - changing the lives of future generations of students, improving the College's buildings and resources and contributing to world-class teaching and research.

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