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Master's Circle

This College group is for those donors who have given over £50,000 cumulatively. Members of the Master's circle are invited for a dinner with the Master and the fellows each year as well as to various other donor events.

The College is honoured to list the following alumni and friends as members of the Master's Circle.

Peter Bell (1943)
Nigel Chancellor (1990)
David Cleevely (1978)
Richard Devitt (1959)
Paul ffolkes Davis (TH Bursar)
Alastair Graham (1972)
Christopher (1978) and
Fionna Grigg (1978)
Stephen Hale (1960)
Michael Horton (1957)
Jonathan Klein (1979)
Pat Lansdell (friend)
Frank Morgan (1974)
Paul Orchard-Lisle (1958)
Michael Orr (1957)
Nicholas Patterson (1965)
Winston Poon (1972)
Graham Ross Russell (1953)
Peter Roussak (1978)
Evan Schulman (friend)
Hugh Taylor (1962)
James Taylor (1960)
Nigel Thomas (friend)
Theodore W West (1965)
Martin Williams (1966)
Anthony Wingate (1951)
+ 1 anonymous donor

Research Articles

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Internet Freedom and Data Protection After Google Spain by Dr David Erdos

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