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Year Group Gifts

Several year groups have marked significant anniversary years by kindly support fundraising projects within the College. This was inspired by the class of 1958 who, in recognition of their 50th anniversary, established the 58:08 fund to benefit the matriculands of the class of 2008.

"The 58:08 Fund was created as a magnanimous gesture from those who had enjoyed a good life and successful careers thanks partly to the Hall,to those starting out on the same road."

Peter Hill 1958 Year Rep

Over £21,000 was received, which enabled the College to help support the class of 2008: those in hardship could receive further bursaries; some students received awards to help fund travel as part of their research; several received awards to help with sporting and other extra-curricular activities enabling them to develop their talents in a way that would not have been possible otherwise; and all members of 2008 were given a book token when they arrived, in order to help support their academic studies.

"Knowing that we had a whole cohort of Trinity Hall alumni 50 years our senior supporting us through our education was incredible. From surprise book vouchers to sponsorship to study in far-flung places, the support from the 58:08 fund was noticed and appreciated by everyone. A personal highlight was meeting some of those who set up the fund and thanking them for their generosity. We're looking forward to setting up our own 08:58 fund in a few decades' time!"

Member of the class of 2008


Inspired by this year group's success, other year groups are now following their example. Some year groups have chosen to support the class 50 years their junior through their time at College, other groups have chosen to support refurbishment projects.

If you would like to discuss setting up a similar fund please contact Dr Rachelle Stretch.



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