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Other Support

There are other ways in which alumni can help support students at the College. Trinity Hall members make up a worldwide community which helps and supports each other. We are developing our career network which enables current students and recent graduates to benefit from the experience and advice of alumni. We are also grateful to our network of volunteers worldwide, including project leaders, Regional and Year Reps, committee members of the THA, Aula Club and Boat Club Advisory Committee.

Life at Trinity Hall

Career Network

How to help by offering students careers advice and work experience.


TH Reps

How to help as a volunteer.


Project Leaders

How to help with our development projects.


Supporting Admissions

How to help by supporting our access and outreach initiatives.


Friends Society

How to feel more involved with College life for those who are not alumni.

Research Articles

Will one be forgotten?

Internet Freedom and Data Protection After Google Spain by Dr David Erdos

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Thursday 18 May 2017, 17:45

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Thursday 25 May, from 6.30pm

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