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Access & Outreach

Attracting talent

Purpose: to help raise the aspirations of schoolchildren and ensure the best candidates apply to Cambridge.

Current focus: to help fund a teachers' conference in College and trips to schools to raise aspirations.

Why support access initiatives?

The College and University are committed to ensuring that the higher levels of fees do not deter anyone from applying. The Admissions Office and the JCR Access Officers have a programme of reaching out to schools and to teachers to raise aspirations and dispel myths about Cambridge. Initiatives include hosting conferences in College for teachers in order to dispel myths about Cambridge, subject-specific open days and publications, and a tour of the schools in Somerset. Our current initiatives cost around £28,000 each year.

Outreach in Hong Kong

"Access at Trinity Hall has come a long way in recent years; this can be seen in the College's enthusiastic participation in the Cambassadors programme, the Shadowing Scheme, e-mentoring and the Target Schools Committee. Access is vital to extending the opportunities offered by Trinity Hall to the widest possible cross-section ofstudents."

Former JCR Access Officers

Outreach visit to Hong Kong 2012 and teachers' conference in College 2011

teachers conference

Research Articles

Will one be forgotten?

Internet Freedom and Data Protection After Google Spain by Dr David Erdos

Upcoming events

Saturday 17 February

Engineering Society Dinner

Thursday 22 February 2018, 17:45

THwomen40 Lecture Series

Friday 2 March

Regional event at University College, Oxford

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