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Refurbishment & Resources

Preserving our heritage

Purpose: to improve our buildings and rooms to remain competitive and to attract more conference business and to improve our resources such as IT provision and the facilities within the Jerwood Library to ensure we attract the best students and academics.

Current focus: repair and refurbishment of the boat house and refurbishment of S and F staircases. Improving IT provision within all College sites, including wi-fi access to all student accommodation.

Why support our refurbishment programme?

The College has a programme of much-needed renovation for all the staircases on the main College site. The refurbishment includes:

  • structural alteration and refurbishment of gyp rooms and bathroom facilities
  • improvements to electrics
  • improvements to insulation to become more energy efficient
  • repairing windows.
  • new paint and soft furnishing (curtains/carpets)
  • provision of new furniture

These improvements will help us attract the best students, and also reduce costs by making the rooms more energy-efficient. Refurbishment to our accommodation and to the Dining Hall will also help generate more conference income.

Costs of refurbishment

Each Staircase costs around £200,000 to refurbish.

Take a seat and help with our refurbishment programme

chairThere is the opportunity for alumni to make a donation to have their name engraved on the new chairs in the dining hall for a donation of £1,000 which helps cover the cost of the reufrbishment of rooms on the main site.

Name a chair in the dining hall and help support the refurbishment of College rooms



What we have achieved so far




Research Articles

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