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Teaching Support

Continuing Cambridge excellence

Purpose: to maintain the supervision system and help subsidise the costs of educating TH students.

Current focus: to invest in the recruiting the best academics and to maintain the supervision system.

Why support teaching?

College teaching is the heart of the Cambridge learning experience and is regarded as amongst the very best in the world. The jewel in our crown is undoubtedly the weekly supervisions. Lectures and lab work are the responsibility of the University but supervisions for Trinity Hall students must be paid for by the College. Additionally, the appointment of a Director of Studies and a Tutor for every student ensures their academic needs and pastoral well-being are met.  The relationship between academics and students is symbiotic in that the best teachers will help recruit the best students, and vice versa.

The Trinity Hall Fellowship numbers 60 (including Research Fellows and others on the Governing Body), which is relatively small in relation to the demands placed upon their time and their desire to maintain the highest possible standards. Not only do our academics fulfil their teaching and supervisory work for the University and College, and carry out world-class research, but they also play an incredibly important role in the running of the College through Committee work and through the pastoral care they extend to our students.  We must ensure that we can attract the best academics and provide the best teaching to our students in a wide range of disciplines.

It is vital that we continue to offer excellence in teaching in all subjects and that we preserve the supervision system. Last year the College had an educational deficit of £2.5 million which is the shortfall between the fee income and government subsidy and the amount it costs to educate students.  This shortfall has to be met by income from our endowment.

Types of Fellowships

  • A College Teaching Fellowship (CTO) - for more information, click here.
  • A Research Fellowship (RF) - for more information, click here.
  • A University Teaching Fellowship (UTO) - appointed and funded by the Faculty or Department, but often seek College membership

The costs of Fellowships

  • A College Teaching Fellowship (CTO) requires an annual income of £50,000 (stipend and associated costs), or endowment funding of £1.25 million.
  • A Research Fellowship requires an annual income of £40,000 (stipend and associated costs) for a three-year period, or endowment funding of £1.5 million.

What we have achieved so far


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