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Trinity Hall's endowment portfolio of investments enables the College to fulfil its operational activities, including the costs of the Fellowship, students and staff. The costs of educating our students outweighs the income received from fees; and the income from the endowment is fundamental to meeting this shortfall.

As a registered charity, Trinity Hall, in common with many other Cambridge colleges, employs a total return strategy to its endowment investing. The College has a number of external asset managers and investment advisors who report to the Finance Committee (Investments) on a quarterly basis. For more information on the endowment portfolio, read the Bursar's report to the Annual Accounts

There are a number of individual named funds within the endowment portfolio, some of which are restricted with regards to their use i.e. there are funds to support teaching through the provision of Fellowships and there are endowed student support funds to offer grants; some of these are historic and some have been established by more recent donations.. 

Investing in our Students' Education Costs

The College subsidises each individual student at Trinity Hall by an average per annum of around £5,000 per undergraduate and £3,000 per graduate student. This is funded entirely from the endowment and is an indication of the level of financial commitment Trinity Hall continues to make to its core mission of education.

Donating to the Endowment Fund

Gifts to the endowment are very welcome especially if designated to the College’s discretionary fund, where the income generated is used to meet the most pressing needs of the College.  There are also general student support funds for undergraduates and graduates held within the endowment. Donors of named funds receive reports on the individuals or projects supported by the fund as applicable.

Current focus: Establishing an endowed graduate student support fund to be able to enable prospective graduates to undertake their research by covering the costs of fees and maintenance. The previous Master, Martin Daunton, asked that any donations in his honour be added to this fund, which has already received around £54,000.

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