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Student Support

Year group giving

An idea pioneered in Trinity Hall by Peter Hill, the year rep for 1958, was for year groups coming back for their 50th anniversary to donate collectively to support an initiative within College.

Different year groups have supported initiatives that have meant something to them: 1959 chose to add to the Graham Storey Fund for humanities and raised £79,000; 1960 supported the class of 2010; 1961 supported the refurbishment of a staircase and more recently members of 1966 bought the 2016 freshers a book token.

UndergraduateI, and many of my friends, could not believe the kindness and generosity of the year group to not only give each of us a gift but a substantially expensive and useful one at that. None of us felt as though we deserved this at so early a stage in our degrees but I can say for myself that already it has helped lessen the mental burden of spending so much on study materials within my tight budget. I by no means take the present for granted and did not expect anything of the sort, so am incredibly thankful to all who donated and organised it, and hope that they thoroughly enjoyed their 50th year anniversary celebrations!

Sophia (2016)

Providing opportunities

Trinity Hall is totally committed to the principle that no student should be deterred from studying because of financial considerations. Your gifts have provided a variety of studentships, bursaries, awards and prizes which collectively provide a vital lifeline to students who find themselves in financial difficulties while they are here, and also attract talented undergraduates or well-qualified graduates, who would never be able to come here without such support. There are too many named funds to list here, but it should be noted that Trinity Hall is listed third in the distribution of Student Support funds amongst the colleges.

"Without the bursary, my student experience in Cambridge would have been much more stressful. It has been fundamental in allowing me to pay for everything from academic field trips to accommodation."

Trinity Hall undergraduate

Facts and figures from 2014-2015

  • c. one- third of resident students benefit from financial support from the College
  • 12 of the 2014 graduate freshers received financial support which enabled them to attend
  • Around £150,000 was spent on undergraduate student support during the year to help those facing unexpected financial difficulty, or to help with the costs of fieldwork or staying on in College over the Vacation to study.
  • £325,000 was disbursed to graduate students to enable them to come to College to undertake their research or further their research by enabl them to undertake fieldwork or attend conferences



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