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Hattie, BA English

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HattieA typical Trinity Hall day starts at 8 am. There are a few exceptions – if you decide to row, it’ll be earlier, probably before the dawn chorus, and if you’re an arts student, you may have good intentions, but without the lure of contact time it may well be 11 am before you’re up and ready to go. No matter – there are plenty of hours in the day! For me as a first year, I wasn’t ever the last one up, but I wasn’t the first either. I figure it’s better for the shower situation that way. I’d wander down to the Jerwood, the amazing library (if you didn’t think libraries could be amazing, think again!), and put an hour or two of work in before heading to hall for a lunchtime feast. As a vegetarian, you get two choices which, compared to school, is great – and it’s reasonably priced. Everyone goes to have a good break from work or on their way back from lectures. There is always some kind of fried potato option to keep everyone happy.

College is a great place to relax and most people socialise in their staircases over lots of tea"

In the afternoon, I sometimes have a supervision which is basically a time where a very clever Cambridge academic talks about clever things and this really is your time to show them what you’re made of (nodding along is fine too). After a supervision, I like to treat myself to a nice break – Cambridge has an incredibly large contingent of coffee shops, the best bookshops I’ve been to and, if you’ve got a bike (not essential), it’s always great to go for a cycle. I am also involved in a lot of student journalism and the newspapers have their own offices. I often pop into the office to see how the paper’s shaping up. In second year, you will find yourself living a little way out of the centre of town which is also great (though you will miss Sainsbury’s being a two-minute walk away) because it gives you the chance to spread your wings a bit and try your hand at one-handed cycling, exotic cooking (not pasta) and, if you’re fortunate enough to live in New Build, your own en-suite.

In the evening, most people relax, as most Cambridge deadlines are in the late afternoon to avoid any late-night cramming. College is a great place to relax, and most people socialise in their staircases over lots of tea (‘tea’ also translates as Domino’s and beer). In such a close environment, with a great work-life balance, I found it easy to settle into routines – you’ll socialise with everyone over (lots of) food and (not too much) work, not to mention the legendary ‘Viva!’ (fancy-dress parties). The evenings are also a great chance to get out into town. You can head to the Union if famous people and debates are your thing, watch the walls sweat in clubs such as ‘Cindies’ (a.k.a. Ballare) and ‘Life’, go to the pub, or, if you don’t fancy tearing up the town, you can put your pyjamas on, knock on a few doors and have a hilarious conversation about, well, literally anything.


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