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Ed, BA Engineering

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EdA typical day for me begins at about 8 am when I wake up, have a shower and get ready for the day. For breakfast I'll either have a bowl of cereal in my room or head into hall, where you can get a full English and read a few pages of the paper. After getting everything ready for the day, I'll head over the bike racks, where I normally meet people who also depart later than scheduled on a regular basis, and set off for the department where we spend our weekdays.

Our supervisions are almost always scheduled for the afternoons as well and can be at any time from 1-7pm."

Our contact time starts at 9 am when we have our first lecture. I'll grab the handout notes which are at the entrance, then go and sit with the others from Trinity Hall. At 11 am we'll head off to find the room where we have our practical experiment for that day and will normally arrive just as the demonstrator begins the briefing. The labs are meant to finish at 1 pm, but if you complete everything early then the demonstrator will normally let you leave. We then head back into College to get lunch from hall and to meet up with other friends.

On a couple of afternoons a week there will be another lecture or lab, but normally they're free. About three afternoons a week I'll spend doing hockey related stuff – training, playing, or umpiring a match, but otherwise I'll put my head down and get on with some of the example questions on the material that was covered in the morning. Our supervisions are almost always scheduled for the afternoons as well and can be at any time from 1-7 pm.

At 6 pm I'll head into hall for supper with friends, and then afterwards we'll head down to the bar, gather in someone’s room to chat and watch a film, or get ready to go out for the night. Occasionally I'll have to spend the evenings working, but that's only when I have to cram in some last-minute work for a supervision or lab report that's due in the next day.


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Ed – BA Engineering

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