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Prospective Students

City Life

Trinity Hall is conveniently placed in the heart of Cambridge, so you’ll have easy access to the city centre. Many students use bicycles, though you will find it is only a short walk to most faculties, labs, libraries, shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants and other facilities. It is unlikely you will need to spend any money on travel in the city on a day-to-day basis.

Eating OutGlass of beer

There's a great selection of places to eat in Cambridge; something for any mood, palate, occasion and price range. Better still, your Cambridge student card (which you'll receive when you start) will get you discounts and special deals at numerous restaurants and cafés.

Pubs and Clubs

As well as college Bars, there are plenty of pubs in Cambridge, including the famous Eagle pub where Francis Crick announced that he and James Watson had discovered the 'secret of life' (the structure of DNA). There are also several clubs offering a range of music and comedy entertainment.

Film and Theatre

Performers on stageIf you like watching movies and plays, Cambridge is a great place to live. There are two multiplex cinemas, as well as the Arts Picturehouse, which shows more independent films and has really comfy seating. In addition, students often put on informal film nights in their own colleges.

There are three main theatres in the city centre – The Cambridge Arts Theatre, the ADC Theatre and the Corn Exchange – and, a little further out, The Junction plays host to a range of clubs, comedy, dance, live music and theatre.

Several Colleges also have their own theatre groups, and so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved in performing, directing or the more technical aspects of theatre. Trinity Hall’s drama group, the Preston Society, puts on a performance at the end of the summer term each year.

Other Places to Visit

Cambridge offers a variety of fascinating museums and collections, including the Fitzwilliam Museum, which houses world-class collections of works of art and antiquities spanning centuries and civilisations.

The University's Botanic Garden provides a colourful and peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city.



Miss Vicky Mills
Admissions Officer
Trinity Hall
Trinity Lane
Cambridge CB2 1TJ

t: +44 1223 332535

Undergraduate Admissions
Graduate Admissions


Trinity Hall Wychfield Accommodation

Trinity Hall has a variety of accommodation for undergraduate and graduates. Fully furnished rooms, some ensuite, and much cheaper than commercial rates.

See our Accommodation

MCR (for Graduates)

Image of JCR logo with building

The MCR (Middle Combination Room) is our name for the graduate common area and graduate student body. With plenty of facilities, it's a great place to read, grab a coffee or chat with friends.

Visit the MCR Website

JCR (for Undergrads)

Image of JCR logo with building

The JCR (Junior Combination Room) is the College student union for undergrads. Organising socials, sports and entertainment, the JCR also has its own common room for meeting or relaxing with TV.

Visit the JCR Website

History of Trinity Hall

Hisoric Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall was founded by Bishop Bateman of Norwich in 1350, making it the fifth oldest surviving college of the University of Cambridge.

Explore Trinity Hall's History

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